Where were you born?

I was born in a city in the south of Serbia, called Niš.

When was your passion for performing born?

That dream is since I was a little girl and now I have an opportunity to live it.

Favorite color?

Red. It’s the most dynamic and passionate color, symbolizes love, rage and courage.

Favorite food and drink?

My favorite drink is all sorts of fresh juices. Food… hmm… everything is my favorite and I really love eat a lot (laugh).

Describe yourself in one sentence?

Stubborn and persistent but when it comes to reaching my goals I get flexible (laugh)

Who is your favorite artist?


Who inspires you?

My inspiration is one and only Nicole Scherzinger…She is the most confident women, so talented and, amazing on the stage?

With who would you like to work with?

With Nicole Scherzinger or Maluma

Best memory so far?

It was my first big performance in 2011th in front of 15.000 people. Back then I was a professional dancer, and in that moment on stage I felt like I belong there, that the stage is my future and something where I want to spend most of my life.